Production of the restaurant menu

Producing of the restaurant menu, the drink, and wine lists. Bill and other thing folders for restaurants.

For production, we use leather, cloth, leatherette, imitation leather, velvet, wood, cork, and paper. Print on the board is possible in the form of printing block which is embossing /blind tooling/, printing /chrysotype/, /embossed color/, laser or silk-screen print. We also provide the logo and the menu graphic processing, including printing. The menu, we can insert into plastic film or mounted windows. On the inside of the boards is possible to put mounts or sidebars for the pictures.

Every type of menu has its specificity about the functionality, look, and endurance. The menus size, form and used material can be made as required. There is no requirement from us for the quantity.

We are happy to help you with the choice.



Restaurant menu  BOOK


Cover of the boards is made from leatherette; strong imitation leather, which enables embossed or relief embossing similar to genuine leather. Leatherette can have imitation leather-look, unicolor or with the texture. The menu could be nice-looking whipstitched with bold thread colored as the material or in the contrasting color.

Custom-made restaurant menu. Production of coats for the menu.

Restaurant menu BOOK KLASIK


It is a cheaper variation of the previous BOOK. There are more options of patterns and design; from the leather-look surface, wood, cloth, to metal.


Restaurant menu RESTAURANT

The cover is thinner leatherette – there is a wide choice of the exterior; leather-look, wood, cloth, metal, velvet, cork,…

Restaurant menu WOOD

The boards are made of plywood from 3 mm thin. They are colored and exterior adapted; gloss or matt. It is possible to print a logo or text by laser or screen-printing.

Restaurant menu SKIN

They are distinguished by luxury. The leather can be cowhide, calf, sheep or goat. These menus have long endurance but they need proper care. It needs to be cleaned, impregnated, polished – depends on the type of leather.

Restaurant menu PAPER

The cover of boards is paper printed with surface laminated graphics. For longer endurance, it is convenient to cover the strained spine with a special cloth.

Restaurant menu KOMBI

The cover of the boards is diversely combined; cloth, leatherette, leather, laminated graphics.


There is a possibility to make it in the design of the restaurant menu.